little Wire People W0rld and Wine Glass Markers

(the little people)

Wire People Sculptures -||- (not charms) Wine Glass Marker "People"

(to view in French)

About the Artist (myself)

   Welcome to little Wire People World  


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You will see a variety of wire sculptures, each with their own identities.

All people are hand made so everyone is different in some way.

My Wine Glass Markers are People (not charms).  By far more noticeable and identifiable when drinking and socializing among friends.

Wine Glass Markers


Tribal Wire People Figures

the Golfers - the Musicians - the Fishing People

wearable Wire People Pins

Wire People with built on bases



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Armenian Page of Van, Varakavank & nearby areas

Armenian Links page

Armenian's of the North Bay Photos

My Trip as a Volunteer to Armenia in 1995


Thank you for visiting, Barry


People are approximately 2 1/2 inches tall, so don't be fooled by the photos.

I also create odd characters like this fellow.  And at times I will do special requests.


Below are samples of my work & Links to my other pages.



wearable Wire People Pins


Ballerina01x.jpg (39562 bytes)                        

ballerina  .........|.|........  fishing  ....................  musicians  .........|.|........  golf


.....  Bride & Groom  .....




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