Wine Glass Markers

Wine Glass Marker People

(not Wine Glass Charms, but People)

(to view in French)

Whether you are giving a bottle or case of wine my Wine Glass Markers will brighten the moment of wine giving.

While enjoying your food along with a glass of wine my Wine Markers will add to the table setting.

They can be used with any similar type glass.  The Marker People would also look great at a wine tasting event.

Your Wine Spectators would be in awe of the different look of a Wine Glass Marker Person on glasses which are displayed.

You will be noticed as you mingle in events, functions, parties or gatherings holding that wine glass

with your special Wine Glass Marker person (definitely not to have your wine glass confused with any others).    


Wine Glass Markers - Wine Glass Markers - Wine Glass Markers - Wine Glass Markers - Wine Glass Markers - Wine Glass Markers


Some of my Wine Glass Markers

The picture below shows Wire People on top of wine bottles.   Makes a nice presentation.

  My Wire People Figures are handmade from small gauge wires and most stand about 2 to 3 1/2 inches tall.

Use at wine cooking events or whatever wine event is taking place.

You have to admit, these Wine Glass Marker People are far more exciting than a Wine Charm.

( Click each photo, to enlarge )

Below is a Wire Person displaying a wine bottle.


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At your seasonal Wine Tasting Party, these would be a hit.

Along with food and fine wine these Wire People will be a cheerful addition.

At wine and food festivals the Markers will stand out.

Another eye catching item to stop that passing customer!


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